Construction machinery attachments, how much do you know?

Date:2018-07-21 03:03:09 Hits:2700

In the Norwegian forest, you can see that a worker driving an excavator and carrying out a series of operations such as trenchingbrush sawdrilling augergrass mower and tree spade .need a construction team in China to complete On the German road, you can also see that a general-purpose construction machinery undertakes a great deal of work such as cold planer, breaker, snow plow, snow blower, repair and compaction. These facts show the efficient, fast, low-cost mode of work, it is entirely due to the rapid development of construction machinery and equipment.
Abroad, many construction machinery manufacturers are actively exploring, developing and applying various kinds of attachments to broaden the adaptability of the mainframe and improve the flexibility and versatility. Many professional attachments factories have emerged, Through continuous research and development of a variety of professional and efficient work products to meet the requirements of OEMs;
In the meantime, the development of various accessories has also led the OEMs to improve the design and configuration to meet the accessory installation, the mutual promotion of the host and the attachment, and jointly promote the technological progress of the industry. According to incomplete statistics, at present, there are hundreds of types of attachments applied to a variety of general-purpose construction machinery in the world. The "general construction machinery + multi-functional attachments" has become the marketing model of general-purpose construction machinery products.
HCN ATTACHMENTS is the only manufacturer specializing in the production of attachments in China. We own more than 100 types and more than 400 kinds of models and currently serve Terex, CAT, Vermeer, CASE, Bobcat, Mustang, Gehl, JCB, John Deer and so on.
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